Zhu Yamei


Born in XuZhou ( Jiangsu Province)


Graduated from Overseas Chinese University
Chinese Landscape Department



teaching at the Middle-South Nationality University Art College in Wuhan




Mensch und Natur, Zhu Yamei Soloshow, Galerie 99, Aschaffenburg, Germany
4th contemporary chinese ink art forum, Taipeh Museum, Taiwan
2013 Song Zhuang Ink Invitation show, Song Zhuang Art Museum
Zhu Yamei, Xie Xiao Hong art show, Yi Yuan Art space
Ink again , National middle age artist show, Phoenix Museum


Heart of cloud and water, Zhu Yamei artworks, Shi Ping Xian Gallery, Shanghai
Jiang Nan Memory, contemp. chinese art show, Hong Fang Art Center Shanghai
Collective Passage, contemporary & classic ink show, Beijing
1st Hubei art fair, selected artworks show, Hubei Provincial Museum


selected for participation at Chengdu Biennale
Quiet play, Shi Ping Xian Gallery, Shanghai
Reality and Expression, Wuhai art Show, National Museum, Beijing
Visual China, Chine new Ink Painting, Tokio Show


Nature- contemporary landscape invitation show, Nanjing Phoenix Museum,
Ideal World , Zhu Yameis work show, Wuhan Art document & art center, Wuhan
selected chinese artist screen art show, National Museum, Beijing
Paper construction, Shandong Ya Du Museum,
Chinese ink painting show, Yang Zhou Museum
Back and forth, Hubei chinese Ink painting show, Hubei Provincial  Museum


 good trip, Zhu Yamei solo shwo, Creation Gallery, Beijing
ink article, contemporary ink painting show , Wuhan Museum


Shang Shang intl. Art show, Shangshang Museum, Beijing
oriental said , art works show, Vreation Gallery, Beijing
contemporary 100 artists show, China National Art Gallery, Beijing


China wind, creation art gallery, Beijing
2nd contemporary chinese ink painting show,National Art Gallery, Beijing
return - mix , Mainland & Hongkong artist show, Chengdu Museum
contemporary classic - chinese painting invitation show, Da Jia Museum,Shijiazhuang


3rd national art college selected works show, National Gallery, Beijing
20th century chinese landscape show, Shanghai Museum
Ink Character, Chinese Ink selected artists show, Jinan, Shandong
East? East , art show in 3/4 Gallery , Beijing


2nd chinese landscape oil painting show, National Art Gallery,Beijing
National selected artist artist work show, Beijing
Ink spirit-born in the 60’ work show, Todayart museum, Beijing


10th Hubei Art Exhibition, awarded with a good work prize
shanghai spring art salon, selected as 10 best young artist


Today China Art Show, Millenium stage, Beijing
1st young artist show, Today art Museum, Beijing
small size chinese painting show, Hubei Provincial Museum,


Zhu Zhengeng & Zhu Yamei exhibition, Xiamen
Zhu Yamei ink painting show, Wuhan, Hubei Province


Old houses, ink painting show , Beijing
International chinese ink painting show, Dalian, Lianing Province


Zhu Zheng Geng & Zhu Yamei art show, Liu Haisu Museum, Shanghai
Chinese selected artist Fan Painting show, Guangzhou


New works of Zhu Yamei, Creation Gallery, Beijing
Shanghai Art Biennale, exhibition in Duo Yun Xuan Gallery, Shanghai


Shanghai Art Biennale
contemporaray Ink Painting show, Creation Gallery Beijing


China Art Show-Contemporary Ink Painting , Shanghai


Chine selected young artists show, Hongkong


Jiangsu Art Magazine 20th anniversary show, awarded “new face award”


Sino-japanese Buddhist art exhibition, Beijing


2nd National Chinese Landscape Painting show, National Gallery, awarded 3rd prize
Zhu Zheng Geng & Zhu Yamei, exhibition in Taiwan


First exhibition, Jin Chuan Art Center, Fujian Province



Zhu Yameis works have been collected by many institutions and collectors
as well  as by the National Gallery of China